Monday, 26 January 2015

Acting with Nigel Barber who will be in Mission Impossible 5 with Tom Cruise - Part Two

Sunday, I woke at 5 and jumped in the shower at 6.  I went through the same make up, hair up, hat on etc.  Then the director told me where to get some breakfast.  Meanwhile Nigel Barber came in and introduced himself and shook my hand and asked if I had been in the business as long as he had and I quivered and said, "Er, I'm just an extra, first time yesterday".  He said he liked my look, he said it was perfect for the 30's.  There were no mirrors so I have no idea what I looked like.  He was so imposing, his accent, posture, beautiful clothes including an amazing mac, just couldn't place him... googled him when I got home he was in The Bodyguard which I saw at the theatre with friends in the West End of London. He was also in Magnum PI, TJ Hooker, Baywatch, Knightrider and more recently on Hallmark TV in The Sweeter Side of Life.  Well, we were sharing a makeshift dressing room so I went to have a coffee to give him some privacy to change, and prayed I didn't have a speaking part....came back up when he had changed into his 30's suit and was chatting to the director who is a very young guy but with a certain charisma....sure he will be famous one then I was called on set to come downstairs and walk to reception almost bumping into Nigel Barber carrying a goldfish in a bowl, so the timing had to be spot on....then the receptionist introduced himself to me and asked what I had been in before!!! He was Joe Grossi from The Da Vinci Code.....I mumbled something about working in the offices of television and yesterday being my first day on set, never mind with a speaking part.  We did about 8 rehearsals and then went for was a take in 2.  Then I had to walk across set again for a fresh scene, with me in the background....meanwhile there was a stills photographer taking lots of pictures.  I had my own camera up in the dressing room but felt embarrassed to ask these actors for a picture.  I attended the premiere at The London Film school with my husband a few weeks later.  It was hectic and very strange seeing myself up on the big screen, especially in the speaking part.  The short film is now doing the rounds of the film festivals and has been listed on IMDB. 

Since then, I have worked as an extra in a banking corporate film which was paid and such fun too.

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