Saturday, 23 April 2016

A Colourful Salad with Cornichons (dill pickle in the US)


A few baby potatoes, boiled and left to cool before removing the peel.
A few anchovies, left whole
A handful of croutons
One or two boiled eggs, shell removed
Half a cucumber
Baby pickled cucumbers (Cornichons)
Slices of turnip pickled in beetroot vinegar
2 or 3 tomatoes cut into wedges
A quarter of a cucumber
A few Queen green olives (pitted)
A few sprigs of flat leaf parsley
Extra Virgin olive oil


Slice the potatoes into rings or wedges
Cut the eggs in half
Take the skin off the cucumber, if desired, and slice

Layer all the items on a round plate as in the photograph.  If you have a small bowl, place it in the centre with an olive, olive oil and parsley

Friday, 22 April 2016

Home Made Hummous


1 tin of chick peas
Half a lemon
Salt and pepper to taste
A few sprigs of fresh flat leaf parsley, picked off the stalk and washed
A good glug of olive oil


Put the chick peas in a blender (reserving a few for decoration).  Add the seasoning, parsley, olive oil and the juice of the lemon, then blitz.

Place in a bowl and decorate with the remaining chickpeas and a parsley leaf.  If preferred, a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of paprika will enhance the flavour and the look of the dish.

 Serve with flat bread.