Thursday, 22 January 2015

Acting with Nigel Barber who will be in Mission Impossible 5 with Tom Cruise - Part One

Since returning from Spain and closing the boarding cattery, I have been trying out different ways to earn a living, including pet sitting.

On a totally different level, I always fancied being a film extra and last January I  managed to find work as a film extra (unpaid) which turned into a speaking part.  The audition was low key and I met the Director, Producer and Casting Director.  It was a short film at The London Film School in Covent Garden, a bit Downton Abbey meets Fawlty Towers set in the 1930’s.   

I so enjoyed the whole experience and I just cannot get over what happened.  It all seemed so unreal and still does.  I arrived at the London Film School early one Saturday morning in mid-winter.  Some of the actors I worked with are quite famous....I kind of recognised their faces but couldn't quite place them.   A nice girl did my make up and put my hair up and helped me into my costume and hat, then the director came in all friendly, "Hello, have you ever had a bad night's sleep?"  "Well, I want you to come on set shortly and start complaining about the bed and your back to the bell boy in the lift (it is set in a hotel) I walked onto the set and was shown to the back of the lift....the bellboy was at the front and I recognised him as the actor Joseph Macnab (Anna Karenina and The Borgias as well as the Suzuki advert)....after saying hello in a friendly way, he turned his back on me and I was instructed to talk to him and I complained he wasn't looking at me and the director, said that was the point.....I am a moaning guest and he is looking forward to the camera rolling his eyes with they let me do 2 rehearsals waffling on about what a bad night I had, the uncomfortable mattress, my poor back, my day's sightseeing ruined and now I needed to spend the whole day seeing a doctor or even a chiropractor (causing the crew to laugh at that point)....I complained about the drafty window and the sirens outside keeping me awake all night etc....just ad-libbing my way through it thinking back to a noisy night in Boston....then we had a practise at filming and by then my throat was dry as a bone from nerves as all eyes were on me and the director came and stood next to me and asked me to look at the light on the wall, not at the bellboy or into the camera....they were very kind to me.  Then it was "Lighting rolling, cameras rolling, actors ready," and "Action" ....I had to do it all again, remembering it best I could without a script and then I heard the words "It's a wrap" and Joseph turned to me and said "Well done, you did really well."  I told him my throat had constricted with fear!!!  Then we went to see the rushes are they called??? and I saw myself at the back of the lift moaning.  So that was that....I went downstairs to leave and met Angela Chirtofilou an actress and the producer then asked me to return on Sunday at 8 a.m. for make up, hair etc. and on set at 9.

Part Two coming shortly.

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