Monday, 5 May 2014

Still in rainy Ankara

We didn't make it to Istanbul for various reasons, a long journey, the trains are undergoing repair and the bus must be a tiring 6 hours.  Sunday was a quiet day as most of the shops are closed.  Today is Monday and we planned to go to the pharmacy to buy medication for my slightly arthritic knees (the long walks in the damp weather is getting to them) as well as some clothes spotted in a shop which was closed yesterday.  However, we have been battening down the hatches in the hotel as it has drizzled all day long.  We ventured out a few yards to buy drinks for the fridge and my husband braved crossing the road, whilst I waited under shelter, feeling perfectly safe, until I walked on a broken pavement to find my trainers full of water and then nearly slipped and fell on the slippery marble floor outside most hotels....No harm done, went back to our hotel and used the hairdryer to dry out the trainers before going to the Yeni Bosna restaurant again for lunch as the restaurant is just a short stroll from our hotel.. 

I had a beef stew in oil, tomato sauce, hot green chillies and aubergine slices, served with a side salad, rice and sliced bread.  My husband had a lamb shank with potatoes in a tomato sauce. It was nicely sliced potato with the shank on top, tomatoes and aubergines held together with a toothpick. My sister-in-law had chicken in sauce and my husband's cousin had fassoulia beans which he said were tasty.  They don't serve alcohol so had water.  My companions all had Ayran (a yoghurt drink).

Hoping for better weather tomorrow but rain is forecast.  Spent the day catching up on computer work.  At least we have free wi-fi although it goes off every few minutes.

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