Thursday, 1 May 2014

More Mediterranean Travels

I find myself this week in Ankara, Turkey which is in Asia.  However, plans are happening for a trip to Istanbul this weekend, which has part of it in Europe.  We came here to meet up with relatives.  Turkish Airlines are to be recommend, the 8th best airline in the world currently.  The food was very good and the choice of films, excellent (with subtitles, but maybe I didn't get the hang of the system), comfortable seats, clean toilets etc.  Much better than I allowed to say that?

The transfer at Istanbul was chaotic as too many passengers in the transit lounge and the plane from London was delayed, meaning the onward flight to Ankara was very tight....we just made it, running through passport, visa and security at our age, 62 and late 50's.

The small plane to Ankara had leather seats and was unexpectedly full but they served lovely food for a 45 minute flight.  Ankara airport was very quiet and we got a taxi to our hotel in Ankara passing beautiful buildings, including mosques lit up at night.  We had takeaway kebab and went to bed.

The next day we went shopping locally with family and it started to rain in the evening so the outing we had planned was cancelled.

Today is Mayday so it seems to be a big thing here and we went innocently out and about to a park and shopping mall getting caught in the whole riot police thing.  So we got a cab home...not easy as many of the roads were closed, but he managed it and only charged £8.  Locally was quiet so we went to eat in a restaurant where men eat downstairs and families upstairs.  The bill for 5 came to £30 not bad I guess but some of the family didn't enjoy it.  I think I would like to recreate at home my main course which was lamb shank stewed in a light stock with potatoes and carrot, served with rice and salad.  I would add saffron, provence herbs, lemon and maybe some white wine to the stock.

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