Sunday, 18 August 2013


A cat can be a wonderful pet, but before choosing a companion, it is necessary to realise the care, attention and commitment required for the next 10-25 years or longer.

The commitment includes day to day care, feeding and the occasional provision of veterinary treatment should the cat become ill or need to travel from one country to another.  They need to be vaccinated annually and wormed every six months, so there will be regular medical costs to be set aside.  Long haired cats require daily grooming in order to avoid matting.  With improved nutrition and veterinary care, cats are now living longer than ever.  Too many cats are waiting to be re-homed due to a change in the owner’s circumstances, so please think carefully before taking on the responsibility.

Another consideration is the cost involved in caring for a cat or cats.  There is the initial cost of the pet, as well as the bedding, bowls, litter tray, cat door, cat carrier for trips to the vet or cattery etc.  Then the on-going cost of food and litter.

A scratch post is a good idea as if kittens are encouraged to use them, it will save any wear and tear on your furniture.  Even if a cat is to be kept indoors it is wise to still fit a collar and identity tag in case the cat should escape through an open door.  Safety collars include a short piece of elastic, allowing the collar to stretch and enable the cat to free itself, if it becomes accidentally trapped by its collar.

If an identity tag is attached to the collar, it can be useful if the cat becomes lost or has an accident.

© Janice Ascott
Previously printed in the Costa Blanca Euroweekly news

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