Thursday, 9 May 2013

Emergency gravy

Tonight I am cooking, if you can call it that, a ready meal from Marks and Spencer.  I have Beef Wellington to pop in the oven, to be served with baby Exquisa potatoes with mint, spinach and lemon juice, a simple meal, but found my supplies of Bisto had expired.  It is already dark outside with wind and gales, so going to the local shop for gravy is not top of my priorities.

So what could I do?  I found store-cupboard ingredients and whipped up an acceptable gravy.

Chopped frozen onions
A pot of beef stock by Knorr
A dash of brandy
A spoon of Maille French mustard
A dash of Worcestershire sauce
Boiled water to kill the saltiness of the stock and make it bigger

I fried the onions in their own oil, added some water and the stock.  Then the brandy, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce.

I tasted it, and it was rather nice, but a bit salty, so added more water and reduced the sauce down for a few minutes.

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