Saturday, 28 December 2013

A to Z of Cat Breeds - Abyssinian

This breed got its name from its origins of Ethopia which was formerly known as Abyssinia (Now Somalia)

These cats are thought to be the oldest breed of cats known.

These cats are quite slender and muscular cats. They have quite short fur which is characterised by ticking which means each individual hair has bands of alternating dark and light colouring.

These cats are very playful and inquisitive. They are also very good hunters.

The Abyssinian is a bright cat which is often said to have a very sweet temperament and intelligent nature.  The breed resembles the cats which can be seen in murals of ancient Egypt. Some believe that it is the Abyssinian which was worshipped by the Pharoahs.  They give the impression of standing on tiptoe and seem to be more inclined to use their paws like a human would use their hands.  Abyssinians have the "look" of a cougar, enhanced in part by their regal appearance and feral qualities.

The four most common colours of Abyssinians are: ruddy, red, blue and fawn.  The most common colour is ruddy -- reddish-brown with black ticking.  Some breeders claim ruddy Abys are the most active. Red, or sorrel as it's sometimes called, is also fairly common.  Blue Abys are a bluish-grey with a creamy stomach and slate blue ticking.  Fawn is the least common colour.  Fawn Abys are light beige with dark beige ticking. Other varieties are lilac, silver, silver sorrel and silver blue. The coat is short and dense, but very soft and has a lustrous sheen. 

The Abyssinian has large ears which are quite far apart. Their green, amber or hazel eyes are almond shaped.
Although not generally a lap cat, they make a wonderful companion and will want to be wherever you are.  They are very loyal and once you have acquired an Aby as a companion, you will never be able to complain that no one understands you. Abys are very good at training people to do just what they want them to do.  They are extremely intelligent, beautiful, graceful, muscular, inquisitive and always willing to help out with whatever chore you may be trying to accomplish.

Abyssinians are often thought of as cats that like to be in high places, such as the top of a refrigerator or a bookshelf. Abys are not known for being particularly loud cats and can communicate their feelings and desires in many ways.  It is often said that Abys have a great love of water. They seem to enjoy playing with a dripping tap, as well as drinking from them.  Normally Abys are very protective of each other and seldom quarrel.  

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