Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Thai Cooking Class

Yesterday I went to my first cookery class since domestic science at High School. 

The teacher is a professional chef from the Thai Square group and the class is limited to 10 people so we can all see clearly from two benches facing the kitchen.

She made spring rolls, showing us her technique for rolling them up and sticking them with egg yolk, before frying them and serving with plum sauce or spicy sauce, or both.  She also showed us how simple it is to shred the vegetables without resorting to a food processor.

Then she gave us the recipe for Golden Curry which consists of chicken and potatoes cut into large chunks in a delicious mild sauce with a little kick.

She finished off with showing us how to prepare papaya with a squeeze of lime on it to liven it up.

The drinks on offer were Thai tea and lemon grass soaked in hot water.  There was a surplus of lemon grass so she cling filmed it and handed it to students to take home.

Some of the ingredients might be hard to find so she handed out cards of a supplier in central London.

The whole thing was very enjoyable and eating the food was a bonus.

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